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Nigel Baldwin Aftermath - full mix mp3    
Nigel Baldwin Aftermath - no backing mp3    
Various odds and ends Sometimes you seem to shut the heavens (Release)    
Various odds and ends More than Rubies (for Wendy)    
Hope - Emma Lewis Taster Track    
Christmas Nursery Rhymes from Leigh on Sea The Reindeer and The Snowman Boogie    
Christmas Nursery Rhymes from Leigh on Sea Away in a manger    
Your Call Your Call
Your Call The Jesus Prayer
Your Call The Lord's Prayer
Your Call No Hiding (new version)
Your Call Here is love (new version)
Awake the Dawn David's Prayer  
Awake the Dawn Kyrie Eleison
Awake the Dawn Delightful Inheritance
Awake the Dawn Comfort for the Contrite
Awake the Dawn Little Prince
Awake the Dawn Ask! Seek! Knock!
Awake the Dawn Consecration
Awake the Dawn Garment of Salvation
Awake the Dawn The Invitation
Awake the Dawn The Cross in the Cradle
Awake the Dawn Words from the Cross
Awake the Dawn Postlude
Offering Heart soul strength and mind
Offering Show me how
Offering Mercy Triumphs over Judgement
Offering You are my brother
Offering Garment of Salvation    
Offering Living for your purpose
Offering All you have for me
Offering Ring of Truth    
Offering My first love
Offering Ring of Truth
Offering In Heavenly Love Abiding
Offering Burnt Offering    

Shadow Hands (A tribute to Bruce Hornsby)

This Too Shall Pass
Soundtrack for Scandinavia Icy Wind
Soundtrack for Scandinavia The Road in the Hills
Soundtrack for Scandinavia Fjord Perfect
Soundtrack for Scandinavia Making Fire
Soundtrack for Scandinavia Night in the Woods
See it thru See it Thru
See it thru Really Really Wild
See it thru 10 Commandments
See it thru Jesus bids us Shine
See it thru Between the Eyes
See it thru No Fairy Tale
See it thru Hey Nonny Song
See it thru The Lord is King
See it thru Happy Birthday
See it thru Living in the light of eternity
See it thru The Lord's my Sherriff
See it thru Duane and Mabel
See it thru The House of the Lord
See it thru My Friend is Jesus
Here is Love I will sing the wondrous story
Here is Love Here from the world we turn
Here is Love We stand as witnesses
Here is Love Here is love
Here is Love How wide, how long
Here is Love Psalm 131 (My hope is in the Lord)
Here is Love Walking
Here is Love Blink of an eye
Here is Love Isaiah 40 (All me are like grass)
Here is Love Renewal
Here is Love My dear child
Here is Love And can it be
Holiday Club Songs It's all Greek to me
Songs in the night The Priestly Blessing (Piano)
Songs in the night Wedding Song
Songs in the night In the Beginning
Songs in the night My Faith
Songs in the night Living in the light of eternity
Songs in the night Peace
Songs in the night I will lift my eyes
Songs in the night Rejoice
Songs in the night Christ's Humility
Songs in the night He is near
Songs in the night The Priestly Blessing
Rescue With all of my heart
Rescue Thank you for the love
Rescue Rescue (Heaven is waiting)
Rescue Two Diamonds
Rescue As the sun is to the morning
Rescue There is no hiding from you
Rescue Seeing is believing
Rescue Forever
Looking for a King Entry
Looking for a King Last Supper
Looking for a King Prayer
Looking for a King Gethsemane
Looking for a King Trial
Looking for a King Crucifixion
Looking for a King Resurrection
Looking for a King Pentecost
Til the setting of the sun Til the setting of the sun
Til the setting of the sun Sometimes
Til the setting of the sun I recall my precious saviour
Til the setting of the sun Meditation
Hopes and Fears The Light
Hopes and Fears The Xmas Present
Hopes and Fears Wise Men's Song
Hopes and Fears What Troubles You?
Hopes and Fears A Big Mistake
Hopes and Fears Angels!
Hopes and Fears Magnificat
Hopes and Fears Do Not Fear
Hopes and Fears Tricked, Kill the children, Ramah
Hopes and Fears The Light in the Darkness
Hopes and Fears The Light (Reprise)