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Christmas song entry for Song Writing Competition

The Quickening (Familiar Blessings)

This is a song I wrote and we recorded as a family for a family friendly church service last year. It's hard to think of an aspect of the Christmas story that hasn't been covered a thousand times in song but 'The quickening' is the moment in pregnancy when you first feel the baby move, and it is recorded in a lovely moment between Mary and her cousin Elizabeth (Luke 1: 39-45). This got me thinking about Family Gatherings which is a big part of Christmas for most people, and then the need for us to remember that as humans we are all one family anyway. Enjoy! (Lead vocals, Helen and Lisa, clarinet by Miriam) Lyric sheet HERE


Based in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, this small friendly project studio produces a wide range of work. We are closely linked to West Leigh Baptist Church and much of what we produce comes from within the church family. On this website you will find MP3s which you are welcome to download for free.
If you're new to the site you may find that there's quite a lot on offer - and it's a bit of a mixed bag or styles.
I thought it might be helpful to list my Top 10 - just as an idea of starting points:
    1. 1 Your Call
    2. 2 Heart Soul Strength and Mind
    3. 3 My first Love
    4. 4 In Heavenly Love abiding
    5. 5 The 10 Commandments
    6. 6 I will sing the wondrous story
    7. 7 Blink of an eye
    8. 8 There is no hiding from you
    9. 9 Icy Wind
    10. 10 Prayer

    There's loads more - so keep exploring - and let me know what you think at webmaster@ackworthstudio.co.uk